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An online, up-to-date compliance registry to help you manage and track all of your legal and other compliance obligations.

Take a proactive approach to managing legislation and other compliance documentation, prevent the loss of company licenses, personal liability for key executives, and avoid fines and regulatory actions.

Lawstream is a web-based, intuitive solution that provides users with easy access to legal obligations and compliance information. Lawstream allows your systems to be “mapped” to legislation and other internal sources of obligations such as contracts, policies, procedures, management plans, permits, licenses, safety management systems and more.

Leave it to the experts

Let the compliance professionals at Lawstream take the stress and worry out of compliance and law for you. Understand what legislation applies to you and your business. Get back to what you do best.

Automatic Notifications

Tired of reading lengthy documents and searching for changes to legislation?

Lawstream will automatically notify you of any updates to the legislation that you subscribe to. The updates are in an easy to read format, that ‘red pens’ the change, to allow easy identification of what has changed.

Easy to use and web accessible

Access Lawstream wherever you are, whenever you want. Lawstream is a web-hosted application with a clear layout that ensures finding what you want is as simple as possible.

Upload your own content

Have our compliance team convert your own contracts, policies, procedures, management plans, permits, licenses, safety management systems and more, to ensure all your legislation and compliance is managed in one place.


Lawstream is operated by compliance professionals. We can provide consultancy services to help you gain the most out of your Lawstream subscription. We can also help you establish:

  • An effective Audit and Compliance framework
  • An Assurance framework
  • Due Diligence and line of sight framework

Save time and money

Stop creating spreadsheets or the like, to try and manage compliance, which create a double handling system and provide little information security. Lawstream is accessible by anyone you choose in your business, and you will be creating ‘one source of the truth’ when it comes to your obligations and compliance management.

Search with ease

Search by individual obligations, compliances, legislation, role, person and more. Or search the entire database all with an easy to use search tool.

Then generate reports based on your search to allow you to further utilise the data you have found.

Applicable to you

Map all applicable legislation to your roles, responsibilities, policies, contracts, licences, plans and more. If you’re unsure how, our compliance professionals can do it for you.

Different Access Levels

Security is important. Ensure that different users and roles can only see and do what they are meant to by assigning either administrator or reader access.

Assign actions and tasks

Assign tasks to people in your organisation and attach relevant files. People will be notified of these tasks by email and the task can be tracked through to completion.

Reports and Graphs

View and export a summary compliance report for one or multiple pieces of legislation. Generate a dashboard view to see how compliant you currently are.